Exposition Substreets à Sao Paulo

Je suis heureux de vous annoncer que plusieurs de mes dessins seront exposés à la Sub Galeria de Sao Paulo durant la Mostra Internacional Substreets.


São Paulo is a chaotic and turbulent city and in the midst of its great chaos, art messages emerge that come from various languages ​​just like other capitals of the world such as Paris, Berlin, New York, London, Tokyo emerge those languages ​​that drink from subcultures as a World code of young people that live and breathe the street and the chaotic beauty creating new directions and made to think about the conviviality between people and city through the art these codes cross oceans and go beyond a language or a country and become legible for Who breathes the same air.
Today the street art is not only a graphic on the wall today it goes much furthermore so different artistic techniques occupy streets, subways, squares or any space within inside a urban perimeter causing people in their daily path to stop for a second and observe the World with another look
This is the contemporary urban current moment that artists based on their relationship with the street not necessarily through the intermediary of graffiti alone but with a broader vision where performance, poetry, music, installations, occupations, dance and the own graffiti make the Street and its urban context a huge public gallery in order to democratize the art for all beyond the physical space of a gallery.

Artists: Tarek (Françe), Averi (Françe), NRZ (Françe), Sautel Cago (Françe), Mona Caron (Swiss/USA), Helen Bur (Wales/UK), Wasp Elder (Wales/UK), JMK (Irland), Ludvig (England/UK), Tom Wray (England/UK), KinMX (Mexico), iljin (Poland), Oner (Poland), KVLR (North Ireland/UK), Barak Ipot (Phiilipins), KAS(Portugual), Riscos Urbanos (Brasil), Philaico Mei (Brasil), Calle (Brasil), Caps (Brasil), Humanos (Brasil), Kuka Rimanos (Brasil), Bruno Rodrigues (Brasil), Mut (Brasil), Bruno Lucena (Brasil), Heloisa Pajtak (Brasil), Glor (Brasil/UK), MUT (Brasil), Welligton Neri (Brasil), Micaela Cyrino (Brasil), Nobru (Brasil), Mauro Neri(Brasil) and more to announce …

SUB Galeria

Rua Padre Justino, 672 Butantã, São Paulo

Opening: 13 of May 2017
Time: 18:00 até 00:00
Djs From 19:00

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